A Gripping Tale of Justice: “Kristoff” Captivates Readers with Miami Mayhem

A rising star in the law enforcement fiction genre, Chase Lloyd’s novel “Kristoff” is taking readers by storm. The story follows a young police trainee in Miami, Florida, whose life takes a tragic turn when a seemingly ordinary dinner descends into violence.

Driven by grief and a burning desire for justice, the protagonist pledges to become a police officer. Lloyd masterfully portrays the emotional rollercoaster of loss and determination, leaving readers invested in his character’s quest. The story details every moment of his journey to achieve justice for his irreversible loss.

“Kristoff” breathes new life into the classic revenge narrative with a unique twist.  As the investigation unfolds, the protagonist uncovers a web of deceit, with shocking revelations about his family and even potential corruption within the police force.

While the themes of death and violence may not be suitable for younger readers, “Kristoff” will undoubtedly appeal to those aged 14 and above who enjoy gripping dramas, thrillers, and classic crime fiction.

About the Author

Chase Lloyd, a screenwriter and actor, brings a wealth of experience to the page.  Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and a minor in Criminal Justice, Lloyd blends his understanding of storytelling with an insider’s perspective on the world of law enforcement. His dedication to his craft extends beyond writing, as he actively hones his acting skills and participates in workshops to further refine his artistic abilities.


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